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ARTIST STATEMENT, Amanda West, 2018 ~

My art (music), has always been a study of what it is to be human, founded upon the belief that at our core, we are much more similar than we are different: Each of us is born, each of us will die. In between those two thresholds we experience the full spectrum of emotions ~ joy, sorrow, fear, surprise... wanting only to be known, accepted and loved. With my music I reach for my own deepest truth, knowing it can then resonate with the deep truths of others, and through this shared resonance we find connection, comfort, strength and healing.

In 2012 the birth of my first son rearranged my universe, changing even the laws of gravity, the theory of relativity. As a career artist it was a terrifying experience, wondering if I would lose my way as everything I thought I knew came undone.

Instead, a new path began to emerge, one I named "The Mama Musician" (#mamamusicianlife). For years I struggled to define this, and to find anyone else who might be able to help me understand this new landscape. I found precious few books and articles on the subject of being both an artist and a mother, but the ones I did find were lifeboats. Slowly I built community and wrote new rules for myself.

The end of 2017 brought the beginning of my next step into motherhood with the birth of my second son. Shortly before, I had come across Lenka Clayton's Artist Residency in Motherhood and instantly aligned with her framing. In the oxytocin-seeped, sleepless blur of my early post partum cocoon, the words resonated over and over in my mind, "Artist in Residence in Motherhood."

And so, for this year of 2018 I have accepted an Artist Residency in Motherhood. For me, it is a way to honor the experience of motherhood, while still honoring the artist self, the musician's path, the hard-earned career. It means finding poetry in the parenting, music in the mothering, art in all of it.

During this residency my primary focus is a permission to explore and nurture my art excused from requirements to impress, garner "likes" & shares, further a greater vision, or meet deadlines. It is an opportunity to breathe fresh life into my creativity by rooting into the honest reality of where I currently live - new, second-time, motherhood.

Additionally, I am continuing to design and implement a new website which more accurately reflects the work I have come to do in the world. I am also continuing part time music teaching, performing, and workshop leading. Learn more HERE

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I look forward to connecting!

~ Amanda West, 2018,
The Santa Cruz Mountains, California

2019 : New Website Coming Soon!

For 2019 I am delighted to continue my Artist Residency in Motherhood. Here, instead of being in conflict, my work as an artist and a mother can inform and nurture one another in ways I never before thought possible.
Over the last 6 years, since the birth of my first child, I have been busy carving a path for the coexistence of this work. Now, with the birth of my second child, I am honoring this path in a new way. Here to be found is poetry in the parenting, music in the mothering and art in all of it. I encourage you to read my artist statement below.
Concerts, workshops and private lessons will be continuing on a part time basis. Join the mailing list below to follow my journey and be the first to know about upcoming events and releases.