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- "The Summer You Were Born" song & video
~ official selection for groundbreaking exhibit in the UK - {Project After-Birth}

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- Fall 2015 Update -

I have a new EP!! And it's my favorite work yet. It's really a preview for the larger body of songs we are working on for the next full-length album. But for now, this is a concept album, a story of new motherhood. It includes my first ever recorded cover song, Sarah McLachlan's "Sweet Surrender", which I have re-interpreted to be about the post-partum experience. The sentiments move from longing, to birth, through love, and self-loss, and the endless reaching for the now, on a journey that is more than can ever be anticipated or imagined, for it is More Than Anything. These songs are available on limited-edition, hand-printed albums until they run out. Then they’ll go online and become available for digital download.

I’m home from my 5th annual Pacific Northwest Tour, after a great run of shows and a most adventurous time with my musical/life partner/husband and our 3 year old on the road. Touring with children (even 1 child), is never easy, as any mama musician will tell you, but as always, we learned a lot, sold CD’s, followed our hearts, and were grateful for time with friends old and new.

I just finished up a new photo shoot, and we’ll be filming a new music video soon for the song, “Habit”, working again with Seattle-based film-maker, Nick Tobin of Doublepinhole Productions. He did such beautiful work on “The Summer You Were Born”, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with for this song (hint: it will have something to do with redwoods!)

At the end of September I fly to the UK for the opening of a groundbreaking new exhibition with 30 international artists showcasing pieces on the topic of early parenthood. My song & video, “The Summer You Were Born” is one of the official selections. I am beyond thrilled to be a part of this movement to remove the taboo of parenthood as a valid subject of creative work.

In October I head to Oakland for the Folk Alliance Regional West conference, where I’ll be performing in showcases, as well as hosting a room to showcase some of my favorite artists including Corinne West, Mindy Dillard and Briget Boyle.

As you may notice, this dear old website has been up and working for nearly 8 years now, seeing my music career expand and grow, and is in need of many updates. A new site is in the works ~ thank you for your patience!

Well, it seems that life in my world is never boring! Do sign the mailing list, and I’ll keep you posted with monthly (or there-about) installments of news, love, and philosophical life musings. You can also click those fancy buttons below and we can connect in other realms online. Meanwhile let's make our Dia De Los Muertos altars, enjoy the pumpkin pie, and learn from the leaves as they let go of the trees, trusting the earth will be there to catch them. Happy autumn.

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